Industrial Attachment Report

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Takoradi Polytechnic as part of its three years highest national Diploma (HND) contains six months period with in which each student is required to undertake a practical industrial attachment. This is to enable the student to acquire a practical and technical knowledge of his or her programme of study. It is also to help the student gain professional skills to enable him or her perform as a middle level management personnel in an appropriate establishment. The student will also be exposed to the work field to gain practical knowledge of what is actually happening in the work place, this is to enable the student gain experience and become competent in his or her field of study. It also to help the student develop self confidence and personal entrepreneurial skills. The school therefore requires a report from the students based on the attachment to enable him or her be accessed. As by requirement this is my report from controller and accountant generals department at sekondi


To help the student develops positive attitude and knowledge for living and self confidence and to develop entrepreneurial skills that can make the student take initiative in job creation to promote expansion in the private sector. To guide and assist the student undertake the required learning and practical activities as outlined in the relevant external syllabus to enable the student write the examination set the external examining board. To enable the student acquire relevant and adequate technical professional skills that will give the student the opportunity to perform as a middle – level management and supervisory personnel in an appropriate establishment and hence be able to contribute to the technological and commercial development of the nation. THE ORGANISATION

The Controller and Accountant General’s Department as it exists today was established in 1885, during the pre – independence era of then Gold Coast and was referred to as the “Treasury”. This name was maintained until 1937 when it was renamed the Accountant General’s Department. From 1937 till independence in 1957, the department was still referred to as Accountant General’s Department. The change of name from Accountant - General in 1967 necessitated by the fact that the roles and responsibilities of the Accountant General was then more clearly defined to include the responsibilities of exercising efficient and effective financial controls in the budget execution process. The Controller and Accountant General’s Department otherwise known as the accounting class was established under the civil service Act 1960 (CA.5). The 1992 constitution and the Financial Administration Act, 2003, Act 654 provides the legal frame work that governs the operations of the Controller and Accountant General’s Department and functions of the Controller and Accountant General of Ghana. The Controller and Accountant – General in his capacity as the Government’s Chief Accounting Officer, is expected to be the Chief Adviser to the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and the Government on accounting matters. As the Government Chief Accountant, the Controller and Accountant General is empowered by law to: * Have access at all reasonable times to all files, documents and other records relating to the account of every government department. * Require and receive from heads of the public services. Such information, report and explanation on all accounting matters necessary for the proper performance of the functions. * Stations in all government departments its staff to enable him to more effectively to carry his statutory and other functions. * Approve all departmental accounting instructions.

Their vision is that of a public service with positive culture, client and result oriented constantly seeking ways to improve the delivery of financial management and...
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