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Industrial Attachment - IBA 3200

Why do Industrial



Attachments are an excellent way to:

more about a career
out what it's like to work in your potential career
valuable experience to build your resume
to know employers and make a solid network
credit for real world experience

Definition and Purpose of an Industrial


An Industrial Attachment is a structured, credit-bearing work experience in a professional work setting during which the student applies and acquires knowledge and skills. It involves the application of learned skills in an organization related to the students' major. An Industrial Attachment should challenge the student to examine the values of the organization involved in the experience, and to assess the student's education as it relates to the Industrial Attachment.

Other benefits of an Industrial Attachment include: 1) exploring career interests, 2) learning new skills, 3) gaining work experience, 4) developing a professional network and 5) understanding workplace expectations.

At the end of their 3rd year of undergraduate study, students participate and minimum requirement of 8 weeks at one service site. They must:

complete a

- Collect
an Introduction Letter from their Faculty attachments coordinator. - Download
and fill in the both sides of the Details Form and present it to the Faculty attachments coordinator prior to commencing your attachment using the available
channels indicated.
- The IA List highlights where students
have completed their attachments previously,
but it is not exhaustive.
If you have an organization not on the list, kindly consult with us before you begin your attachment.


Industrial Attachment - IBA 3200

- Download
the Report Guidelines and present the Attachment Report your Faculty attachments coordinator 2 weeks into their 4th year course work.

Students who have just completed their 2nd year are encouraged to participate for their benefit, however, this will not count towards their Industrial Attachment to be undertaken at the end of their 3rd year.

Characteristics of a Strathmore

Industrial Attachment

A site supervisor (a qualified professional) and a faculty supervisor (usually from the department of the student's major) are responsible for supervising the intern. The faculty supervisor, in consultation with the site supervisor and the student, is responsible for maintaining the academic quality of the Industrial Attachment. Maintaining the academic nature of the Industrial Attachment is essential because academic credit is awarded for the experience (i.e. volunteering and work-for-pay, although worthwhile experiences may not be academically sound).

Industrial Attachments may be paid or unpaid. Any payment should be arranged in a separate agreement between the site and the student intern.
The Industrial Attachment Relationship
Industrial Attachment Site: The organization providing the Industrial opportunity.


Site/Host Supervisor: The person at the Industrial Attachment site who responsible for the intern and his/her substantive work experience.

is directly

Student interns are supervised by a staff person employed by the site organization. Typically, the site supervisor has experience and expertise in the area in which the student is interning. Host supervisors are responsible for interviewing interns, determining qualifications for the position, orienting interns to the organization, supervising, directing, and evaluating their work. The ideal host supervisor will serve as a mentor, sharing the pros and cons of a career in the field and giving suggestions for entering the profession. S/he will also have sufficient experience in the field to draw from and will share that experience with the student intern. The host supervisor meets with the intern on a regular basis to guide performance, answer questions,...
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