Industrial Agrarian Revolution Notes

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Industrial/Agrarian Revolution Notes:

Agrarian Revolution:
- before life expectancy was 20-30
- Education was a privilege not a right
- no sewage systems
- 80% of pop. was farmers
- Enclosure Acts!
- Cheeper food
- small scale farmers had to move to towns and cities to seek jobs
- city pop. rose
- farming less difficult
- farming: Survival > Business
- 1750 ~15% lived in towns
- 1850 ~50% lived in towns
- 1880 ~80% lived in towns

The population explosion:

The social and economic effect of the industrial revolution:
- wealth and power to Great Britain throughout the 19th century
- 80% of society was working class
- workers could not get higher wages, better working conditions or better working hours
- workers could not use the democratic political system to fight for rights and reforms
- 1799 and 1800, the British Parliament passed the Combination Acts, it was illegal to ask for in big groups, bigger wages, better working conditions and/or better working hours
- safety hazards were plenty
- workers spent all the light of day working. when returning home they had little energy and light to play sports and spend time with loved ones
- pre-industrial society, over 80% of people lived in rural areas
- In the first half of the 19th century, urban overcrowding, poor diets, poor sanitation, and essentially medieval medical remedies all contributed to very poor public health for the majority of
English people.
- Cholera, tuberculosis, typhus, typhoid, and influenza were the main 5 diseases that killed some the country’s poor population
- 25 to 33% of children dies before their 5th birthday
- Improved farming methods appears to be one of the causes of the population explosion that occurred in 1750 and 1800.
- In 1750 the population was 6 million that had expanded to 40 million by 1900.
- The population living in towns increased from 20% to 50%
- improved farming methods lead to more food produced at a lower price encouraged by enclosure of agricultural land.


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