Topics: Rail transport, Industrial Revolution, Documents Pages: 2 (270 words) Published: March 4, 2007
Mr Harras Denilis Quinones
U.S History March 4, 2007
"Data Based Documents"

Document 1
~How would the system described above help to cut labor costs and make factory production more efficient? The new machinery and equipment helped cut labor cost and make factory production more efficient.

Document 2
~Summarize this information in one short sentence.
As the years pass, more railroad tracks are being added to the US ~Explain how the growth of the railroad promoted industrialization. Railroad tracks promoted industrialization greatly because with the railroad tracks, equipment were able to be transported through the country fast and efficiently.

Document 3
~How did these planks of the republican platform promote the industrial and commercial growth of the country? It promoted the commercial growth of the country because the republicans were for the building of the railroads, wanted improvement in the rivers and the harbor and also wanted to protect immigrants.

Document 4
~How do document 3 and 4 help explain why industry boomed in the late nineteenth century? Industry in the nineteenth century boomed because the republicans had taken over and they were for the industrialization of the country.

Document 5
~How do these charts help to answer the question on page 48? The chart demonstrates what factors were that we needed through 1850 and 1900 which were animal power, water and coal power and, human power.

Document 6
document 6 illustrates how one of those factors was overcome. Explain.

Document 7
~What process was being described here?
A monopoly

~Which other big industries of the late nineteenth century went through the same process? The rocker feller Oil company
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