Indulgences and the role they played on the reformation of the Catholic Church

Topics: Indulgence, Christianity, Catholic Church Pages: 4 (466 words) Published: May 28, 2014
What were Indulgences?

 An Indulgence is an action or a prayer of sacrifice that can take away all or part of Purgatory for oneself or for another. It is given in return for something good that a person does in this life

 Purgatory is a place or state
of suffering inhabited by the
souls of sinners who are
expiating their sins before
going to heaven.
The sale of indulgences

What were Indulgences?

 In Church teaching,
Purgatory is the way in
which God helps us to
“make up” for sin
which has already been
forgiven. Purgatory is
the state or place those
who have still to make
up for sin go to after
death before entering

What is the Black Death?

 The black death refers to the plague
that erupted in the middle of the 14th
 The medical term for the black death is
the ‘bubonic plague’. It was mainly
spread by rats.
 It began in the Gobi desert in the 1320s
and it spread from there in every
 There were population losses in
Europe and among the Asian Nations.

The Black Death’s effect on

In the climate of mass death,
many Christians were eager
to make sure that they were
ready for death, if and when
it came.
This is where Abuse of
Indulgences comes into

Abuses of Indulgences

 A person can buy his way out of hell with indulgences
It is said that the only way to avoid hell is by doing good whilst still alive.
 A person can buy indulgences for sins not yet committed
The church has never taught that indulgences apply to sins not yet committed.
 A person can "buy forgiveness" with indulgences
The definition of an indulgence states that the forgiving action has already taken place. Indulgences deal only with punishments left after sins have been forgiven.

Abuses of Indulgences

 An indulgence will shorten your time in purgatory by a fixed number of days
The Catholic Church does not claim to know anything about how long or short...
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