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Social Worker

A social worker is someone who provides a service for those who need it especially the disadvantaged.

Main roles and responsibilities
If your career path is a social worker some of the main roles and responsibilities associated with this job can differ depending on whether you are working with adults with learning difficulties the elderly or children/young people. If you are working with adults some of the roles that you would be required to do are working with the elderly in their homes and helping them with some activities that they may find difficult such as helping sort out their benefits or housing and also making sure that they are in good health and dealing with the problem if they are not. You may also be working with people who have mental health problems, health problems or learning difficulties and have to support thezm out in the community and help them socialise with other people. You would have to go in to residential care and help them learn to deal with their problems. You may also have to work with offenders and help them try and find work within the community and to make sure they do not offend again. The main roles that you are required to do when working with children/young people are to try and find a permanent home for them by managing adoption and foster care and dealing with all of the paperwork that is involved with that progress. You would also be required to offer support and advice to the children and to the parents to try and keep their families together. You will also be working in children’s home and supporting the children who are leaving the care system. You would also have to help find ways to resolve ongoing issues that some of the children have at school and children who have been in trouble with the law or are at risk of following the wrong path. The responsibilities that you are required to obtain when working as a social worker entail a variety of different things such as making sure that the welfare of the people in your care is not jeopardised. To attend meetings and attend courses and update training knowledge as well as turning up for work on time and doing what is said in your job description.

Skills required
There are a vast amount of skills that are required when working as a social worker because of the different roles that you are required to do. You will act as a counsellor, a listener, an adviser, an advocate ECT. Some of the skills that a social worker would need are an attitude where they would not judge the clients, the ability to work either in a group or on their own. High communication and people skills and also the ability to relate and understand people’s backgrounds and pasts and to be able to gain their trust. You also need good management and organisation skills and also a good understanding or computer and administrative skills. You must also be able to deal and cope with difficult and challenging situations either on your own or with other people and to understands the different needs of different clients and to be able to deal with their needs.

To become a social worker there are certain qualification that are needed to be able to do what the job entails, you would need to of studied either a two year postgraduate degree in social work or a three year undergraduate degree. You would also have to pass a background check to be able to care for the adults or children. In order to be able to qualify for the postgraduate or undergraduate degree you would have to have 5 GCSE’s (A-C grade) 2 of them being Maths and English. You also need 2 A levels in Health and social care.

The average salary of a social worker often varies depending on what you job entails as your roles and responsibilities increase so will your overall salary. A newly qualified social worker will often earn on average about £22,000. This salary could increase to around £40,000 when your tasks and responsibilities...
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