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Topics: Inductive reasoning, Logic, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1426 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The Inevitable Problem Of Inductive Reasoning
Each day, inductive reasoning leads us to assumptions about how our surroundings and time will materialize based on past observations. We assume that each morning we will wake up, because we have done so each morning before. Though, however likely inductive reasoning is, it is similar to walking on a tightrope- you may assume that each step will lead to another due to the steps taken before, but eventually you may reach a snap in the rope. You may assume that you will remain walking on the tightrope, but until you walk all the way to the end, you cannot look over it all and prove that a snap did not occur.

In most cases, inductive reasoning is decently safe for believing something to be true. Because the door from the bedroom leads to the bathroom, a person shouldn’t be shocked to find the bathroom when they open the door. Though, even likely scenarios where inductive reasoning seems secure, it still cannot be fully trusted. If a person were to say that the light will be turned on because it has been each time that the switch was flipped in the past, and therefore the light is proven to be turned on, they would be wrong. The light bulb may be burnt out next time they flip the switch, or perhaps the electrical power may have shut off. It is likely that flipping the light switch would turn the light on, but it is not proven. Say, also, that a person believes that the sun will be seen each day because they have seen the sun each day before. They may believe that there is no reason the sun shouldn’t be seen, and therefore the sun will be seen. This is a very probable hypothesis, but nothing more. For, if a total solar eclipse took place, the assumption would not be true. The moon would block the sun, and however unlikely the phenomenon is, the sun would not be seen. There is an exception to everything, and if there is not, then the exception is most likely not yet found. A person may use inductive...
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