Indra Nooyi
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nooyi she is the only Indian woman to become the Chief Executive Officer of the more $ 25 Billion Multinational, and perhaps the first Indian to reach to this level. “As of now” has been deliberately being used so as to see more and more Indian transcendent to that level in future. For Indira this has been a both tough and exciting experience. As she has said in her own word that being a woman, immigrant and colour made it thrice difficult for her to reach to this destination, but only mantra which she followed during the course of time was working hard twice as the male counterpart
| Living up to the moment and enjoying every thrills coming on |[pic][pic][pic] |
|the way is the best strategy to go unhindered. Indra | |
|connection with her India is conspicuous by looking at her | |
|attire. In most of the office ceremony she wears sari to show | |
|that her heart beats for India and her culture. Most of the | |
|woman would be envying her knowing to this fact that she has a | |
|great boss both in office and in home. The way she is balancing| |
|her office obligation with similar ease she take cares of her | |
|household stuff. It’s she an icon to be followed and emulate so| |
|that a few things if not all. She has been daughter, a wife, a | |
|mother and last but not the least a business woman who has been|

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