Indoor Cats vs. Outdoor Cats

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Valentina Sarria

Bio 210

Professor: Matthew Geddis

Indoor Cats vs. Outdoor Cats


This research paper is about indoor cats and outdoor cats and their vast differences. From social behavior to life expectancy, these two types of cats are extremely different and through first hand observation of my indoor cats to outdoor street cats, I have written this report.


Many people assume that cats are all alike, however, this is far from the truth. Throughout this paper I will distinguish the differences between both types of cats by observing and recording their behavior as well as providing charts and tables. I hypothesize that indoor cats have the advantage over their counterpart the outdoor cats in every comparable category I will discuss in this paper.


For this paper, I observed and recorded my indoor cat and a random outdoor cat on the streets. I took pictures and recorded their different types of reaction and behaviors.


After completing my observation and recording of these two types of cats, I found that my hypothesis was correct. Indoor cats have the advantage of having a longer lifespan, socially calm, and more well nutritioned than the outdoor cat.


The results in this paper can vary from different cats to use, but the variation will be slight. I expect anyone who observes and records indoor cats and outdoor cats to receive similar results such as me. I have been a cat owner for several years and for me to complete this research paper was worthwhile. In regards to advancement of this work, I believe repetition of this same sort of experiment will help further solidify the indoor cat vs. outdoor cat issue.

Valentina Sarria

BIO 210

Indoor Cats vs. Outdoor Cats

Animal behavior is a critical part of our world and one which is often overlooked. From the Sub-Saharan deserts of Africa to the jungles of the Amazon, thousands of different animals co-exist among themselves, each with their own unique behaviors. In this experiment I will compare the behavior of domesticated cats versus outdoor cats. Many people believe all cats are the same no matter indoor or outdoor, however; there are great differences between the two which need to be discussed. After years of experience in observing and owning both indoor cats and outdoor cats I believe indoor cats are more advantageous and adaptable in any environment they are placed in compared to outdoor cats. From body language to socialization, I will discuss the unique differences that exist between outdoor cats and indoor cats. Issues such as life expectancy, nutrition, behavior, and environmental factors will all be addressed in order to show the vast differences that exist between the two cats. Through the use of the scientific method I will hypothesize, observe, and report my findings throughout this paper.

In order to address the issue at hand, we need to distinctly categorize what is defined as an indoor cat and an outdoor cat. An indoor cat is defined as a “domestic cat kept as an indoor pet”[1]. On the other hand, we have an outdoor cat which is also referred to as a feral cat which is a cat who has gone back to a wild state of being and chooses to live in the outdoors[2]. At first, many individuals may think there are only subtle differences between the two types of cats, however; this is incorrect.

Before beginning my research paper, I would like to state my hypothesis in regards to the experiment. Since I have been a cat owner and caretaker for several years, I already have an educated guess on how both types of cats are going to be like in regards to their life expectancy, environment, and nutrition. I hypothesize that indoor cats will have the advantage over outdoor cats in every category mainly because they are properly sheltered and taken care of.

One of the most vital...

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