Indonesian Value and Ideology of Toraja

Topics: Poverty, Sociology, Social class Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: February 29, 2012

Different livelihood combinations, different perceptions

There are many aspects that can make different perceptions in a society. Different localities, different life objectives and livelihood constellations produce differential crisis experiences and perceptions. Different localities would create a different perception because in one place the main activities could be different with other place. Here in the article, it is about the difference between Palipu and Kondo. At Palipu the majority of the populations are involved in the cultivation of cash crops, such as coffee, cacao, vanilla and cloves. At Kondo the majority focused solely on rice-growing and also on prosperous rituals such a funeral ceremony. Before, I only knew that the castes are only in the Hindu society. In the Hindu society, there are castes that distinguish the society level. It was divided based on the job of the society. But after I read the article about Tana Toraja, there are also castes here. It was divided based on the wealth. They identify four wealth classes among themselves. The classes are very rich, rich, moderate, and poor. Based on the classes, we can see the different perceptions because in each class they have different livelihood combinations. In my opinion, the different livelihood combinations in Tana Toraja create a gap in the society. The benefits of living here can only be enjoyed by the very rich and rich people. The moderate and poor people who only get low income usually choose to be migrated to other places. The migrants from middle and low caste household use the remittances as a vital income in making a living. But for the migrants from upper caste they use the remittances for ceremonies that can increase their status in the society. Here we can conclude that, it is important for the upper caste to increase their status because by increasing their status they will be respected more than others. As a human, being...
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