Topics: Indonesia, Central Java, Demographics of Indonesia Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: November 25, 2013
The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Indonesia is 17000 islands, beaches, good food and people with beautiful smiles on their faces. I have visited Indonesia a couple of times before and that is exactly what I found except for the over population part. I visited Indonesia as a tourist before and what I experienced there made me fall in love with Indonesia. This is one major reason why I want to go back there and work. My summer holidays will start at the end of June and I like to go to Indonesia for an internship.

There are various reasons to why I would like to work as an intern there. From my past experience I have learnt that Indonesians are naturally the glass half full type of people who takes a great joy and pleasure in family and simple life. It is this enjoyment of the basics that really differentiate Indonesian culture. I believe that Indonesians are some of the friendliest, most pleasant people in the world.

I am also very fascinated by its history. Putting lost Temples, ancient culture and tradition aside for one moment. The land, the soil, the paddy fields, the hills, the valleys, the mountains, the beaches, the volcanoes, the rivers, and the lakes well so many things down to the flowers and fauna that grace the Indonesia land. This country has its own historical and ancient rites. Indonesia has its long history, giving birth to place like Borobudur in Central Java with its world’s largest Buddhist monuments dating from 8th century, Prambanan with its Hindu monuments and the famous Yogyakarta, all in the Central Java. Because of its strong history and rich nature, it is pulling me to go to go back Indonesia again.

Another reason that I like about Indonesia is because of the lush greens of the rainforest, paddy fields and palm trees are only a prelude to what awaits under the water surface. As I said Indonesian people, land and sea is the key reason that made me choose to go back to Indonesia. Plus things are improving all...
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