Indomie Pricing Strategy

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Indomie Pricing Strategy

One of the four major elements of the marketing mix is price. Pricing is an important strategic issue because it is related to product positioning. Furthermore, pricing affects other marketing mix elements such as product features, channel decisions and promotion. In this case, Indomie is brand of noodle which was produced by PT Indofood Sukses Makmur, Tbk. As a leader of brand noodle, Indomie has pricing strategies, it product-line pricing. They set different price in their product in order to reach wider segment, create different feature for their customer, and set a better position than their competitors. Indomie set 3 kind of line pricing, it is low line, medium line and high line pricing. Here is the explanation : Product Line

Mie Rebus Ayam Bawang
All Mie Goreng, Mie Rebus Kari Ayam, Mie Rasa Nusantara, Mie Jumbo Rp.1850,- until Rp.3100,-
Mie Goreng Keriting

These three lines created wider segment for Indomie, from customer in low economy to the high economy. The low line is for the low economy segment, the product is almost all of the Indomie Kuah. For those who think that the single portion of the Indomie is not enough, the company creates Indomie Jumbo which is in medium line that cost for Rp.3100,-. For the premium product Indomie has Mie Goreng Keriting, it has different ingredient from other product. Indomie keriting is an n exclusive noodle product from Indomie that takes on a different noodle shape and texture for better dining experience. This fried noodle series is already packed with vegetables and spices to make meal time more complete. Therefore what Indomie offer to the customer through the premium product is the experience and the value which is the taste is great. From psychological pricing aspect, Indomie also use psychological pricing strategy, it uses the customer's emotional response to encourage sales. By pricing products strategically, a...
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