Indo-Bangladesh Relationship

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‘‘Each state follows the polities of its geography’’- Nepoleon India is the immediate neighbors of Bangladesh with common borders. The land border with India extended over 4144 kilometers. Thus, in terms of peace along with the extensive border and overall national security, the quality of relation with India is very crucial for Bangladesh. The break-up at Pakistan and emergence of Bangladesh as an independent state in 1971 was in the strategic interest of India .The two-nation theory on which Pakistan was created had finally failed to withstand the test at time. Ultimately, it was a victory of New Delhi. After the Bangladesh War of independence of 1971, India’s position was further strengthened. During the war India proved to be the closest and strongest ally of Bangladesh .But following independence, the transition in the direction was marked by many ups and downs even during the life time of Shikh Mujib. Lord Polmerston gave a dictum in 18th century -In international relations we have neither permanent enemies nor perpetual friends, but only permanent interests. This quotation would appear more as a truism for Indo-Bangladesh relations than any other instance. Though Bangladesh has emerged as an independent state with Indian support, it has inherited bitter relations with India from Pakistan .This animosity has its root in the British imperial policy of divide and rule. During the early phase at relation with India, three crucial bi-lateral issues come up. They were – A. Sharing of Gangas Waters on a permanent basis,

B. The d elimination of sea boundary in the Bay of Bengal and, C. Redrawing the land boundary between the two countries.

These issues could have been party resolved during the term of government of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Bahman who was close to and respected by the Indian leaders. Besides these, there are some other issues which are so important now for a good Indo-Bangladesh relationship.

Bangladesh’s Strength and Weakness
Bangladesh strength lies in having a huge population, homogeneity of race, common language, communal harmony, fertile lands and availability of gas. Homogeneity and absence of federal social structure have increase unity among people. Bangladesh has a sea-frontage and it facilitates, among others, export and import of goods. The country is a land of rivers that are used for navigation. The natural resources of rivers and sea (fish), the reverie and monsoon rains have profound impact on their livelihood. The country is strategically located between the Seven Eastern Indian provinces and the rest of India. The country can provide river transit route to India and Nepal used the territory for transiting their goods for exports and imports. Bangladesh is not self-sufficient in producing all consumer goods which is as against the above advantages. Impoverished agriculture conditions have led to low living standards low purchasing power of the people. Conservative rural society often discourages Women’s economic and social empowerment .Bangladesh’s weakness lies in small size of territory, a large unskilled labor force, deficient in mineral resources, landless peasants, gender inequality, disparity is distribution of natural wealth and weak democratic tradition. The climate is not favorable for hard work because of humidity. Besides these, the recurrent occurrence of natural disasters (flood, cyclones, drought etc.) is the vital factor of weakness of Bangladesh.

Indo-Bangladesh Relationship
Bangladesh formal relationship with India commenced on 6th December, 1972 when it had accorded recognition to Bangladesh within three days of the outbreak of Indio-Pakistan War. India’s meant the birth of Bangladesh as an independent country was a foregone calculation, although Pakistan army didn’t surrender until 16th December 1971.

Bangladesh has attached great importance to its relations with India and developed an intricate maze of economic, political, cultural and...
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