Individuals and Families- the Positives and Negatives of the Modern Family

Topics: Family, Gender role, Marriage Pages: 4 (1374 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The Modern-day Family
Individuals and Families ISU Essay

Since the origin of the family there have been family structures which dominated many parts of civilization for it's usefulness to the further establishment of society. Since then as society continued to develop so did the family structure so it could adapt to the modern changes of the world. In many circumstances these changes were beneficial for the development of society, however in many circumstances it had the opposite effect. The modern-day contemporary family structure is much more beneficial for society compared to the past dominant family structures for the following reasons- improved gender roles, more successful child rearing, and better standards of living for families all across the world. As these changes occurred in society, they also occurred within the dominant family structure at the time turning it into the modern-day contemporary family structure which occupies the western world today.

In many ways the family structure reflects the human race's evolution and how it has adapted to the development of culture and certain external events. As a result, as society continued to develop and improve so did the modern family. The gradual flexibility of gender roles has slowly been more and more excepted because it became crucial to do so to ensure the future productivity of society. As women began to enter the workforce they began to become more excepted and understood in society. As this began to spread so did the idea of women being considered equal to men. This gave modern women the same chance of living a successful and fulfilling life as men by providing them with the same opportunities regarding their education and career (Marsh, James H. "Family." The Canadian Encyclopedia. Mar 23rd) . As women began to take on more “male” roles this gave men more space to be able to take on more “female” roles (Marsh, James H. "Family." The Canadian Encyclopedia. Mar 23rd). Men are now becoming...
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