Topics: Individualism, Individual rights, Civil and political rights Pages: 10 (1977 words) Published: November 13, 2014
Luke Heywood
Ms. Miller
Sophomore English Pd. 6
3 November 2014

Individualism Outline
I. Intro: The battle between Ideologies has raged since the early 20th century creating friends as well as enemies among neighboring nations and their people. The Soviet Union and the United States divided during the cold war. Today people argue over freedom/order. Only one allows life and freedom: Individualism. Thesis: Society thrives most by promoting the superior ideology Individualism for it allows freedom of the individual to prosper in society. II. Individualism is the idea that life belongs to the individual and that they are free exercise their inalienable rights without restraint whereas Collectivism is the idea life belongs to society where the individual merely a part of a governments “greater good.” A. Support:

1. “Individualism is the idea that life belongs to him and that he has an inalienable right to live as he sees fit, to act on his own judgment, to keep Heywood 2
and use the product of his effort, and to pursue the values of his choosing” (Biddle 1). a. The US constitution was based on this idea and with it they created a nation based on individual rights. 2. “Collectivism is the idea that the individual life belongs not to him but to the group or society in which he is merely a part, that he has no rights, and that he must sacrifice his values and goals for the groups “greater good” (Biddle 1). a. The Communist Manifesto was based on the idea with which they created a system of government that destroyed many people.

III. Topic: All humans are entitled to inalienable rights that they are free to perform. These are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A. Support:
1. There is only one fundamental right: a man’s right to his own life” (Rand 7). a. Life as defined by Merriam Webster is “a way or manner of living.” Life is only valuable if the individual has the right to exercise his or her own way of living. 2. “The Declaration of Independence laid down the principle that ‘to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men’” (Rand 13).

Heywood 3
a. The rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as entitled in the Declaration of Independence, are only protected in an Individualist society such as the US. IV. History reveals past attempts at Collectivism and how Individualism has always prevailed A. Support:

1. Frederick Douglass, “I am myself; you are yourself; we are two distinct persons, equal persons. What you are, I am. You are a man, and so am I. God created both, and made us separate beings” (Biddle 2). a. He wrote the letter to his former master presenting his justification for escaping. Everyone is an Individual, “I am myself.” 2. The main idea of past Collectivists has been “the greatest good for the greatest number” (Biddle 6). a. The only one who could define the “greatest good” was the one charge of the “greatest number” i.e. Hitler and Stalin. V. Conclusion:

Thesis: Individualism is superior to Collectivism because it allows society to function by leaving the individual free to live their own life.

A. Summary: Individualistic societies and Collectivistic societies differ among the rights entitled to men but only effective societies promote the ideology of Individualism. Heywood 4
B. General Concept: By promoting Individualism, both nations and the people reap the harvest of hard working individuals each with their own special talents allowing society to rest in harmony leaving Laissez Faire to do its work.

C. Wrap-up: For any society to prosper, where the people and government equally benefit from one another and freedom rings, only the ideology Individualism allows freedom of the individual to prosper in society.

Luke Heywood
Ms. Miller
Sophomore English Pd. 6
3 November 2014
Individualism: The freedom of the People
The battle between ideologies has raged since the early 20th century creating friends as well...
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