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We live in a world that revolves around community
we are told to care for others at a young age
It might be because of this fact alone that gives rise to individualism Individualism (catalysts, creativity, influence ) spurs cultural revolution as well as religious revolution( Buddha, people who are geniuses, have great experience in relatable personal experience) Cant abide by the rules of a larger institution. Stifles a person’s own individualism Hawthorne's counsel to the reader as an individual and as an American is to imbibe the complexity of the world. Maturation comes when one is able to refrain from depending on ready-made formulaic understandings of life, and to sift out worthwhile values through the sieve of others' opinions and actions. Hawthorne protects his true meaning, means to be equivocal in order to promote individuality. Through inscrutable details, mystifying, juxtaposition of contradictory details. Individualism should be embedded in the community. Love and a sense of belonging important for individualism

Have to different from others and not afraid to show it

These blurred meanings and the celebration of the individual’s subjective voice is very closely tied to a democratic heteroglossia - the celebration of many individual voices. This dialogical discourse is integral to democratic culture; it refuses to recognize a single “official” voice and instead focuses on a community of multiple perspectives. At the start of his journey, Robin is perplexed by his fantastic visions and confused by the words and actions directed towards him. He valiantly attempts to understand this new world through his monological (and thus inadequate) rural discourse (687). Undoubtedly, where he comes from, things are simple and easy to categorize. Indeed, the principal problem is that Robin cannot categorize all the things he encounters. His travels throughout the city begin to take on the appearance of a dark and winding labyrinth as he becomes...
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