Individual Theories

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Individual Theories
Tiffany Daily
CJS 240
Due Nov 2 2014

Individual Theories

Adolescents seem to be more motivated to commit crimes while others in similar circumstances are not, this has a lot to do with the individual's environment, up-bringing, examples set before them, who they associate with and some act out and commit crimes to draw attention to themselves, possibly due to a lack of attention they are not getting in the home or school environment.

Applying behavioral theory to this situation may be good reason of why an adolescent is misbehaving and committing crimes. Lack of the individuals parents, teachers, other authorities setting a good example for the individual can cause an array of in bad behaviors and much more.

Behavioral Theories as such;

With Neurological theories, I believe studies are done and continue to research the minds of the individual who has committed a crime or crimes. With these studies, neurological theories can help discover what goes on in the mind, in which a person feels and sees things, how they think and act, and react to situations, environments and more. Neurological theories allow to explore the patterns and able to see the different ways an individual processes information and actions in the brain. I think if

Individual Theories

neurological theories was used more often on individuals who have done wrong, researchers may be able to create new ways to deal with criminals and how to correct their actions. For example, if a child beats up another child, and you talk with the individual and explore their mind and thoughts through neurological theories, you may discover that the individual may not really want to hurt someone else, but acting out for different reason, such as abuse in the home from parents, or being bullied by a sibling. I believe there is always a reason why things happen and why a person does good and why a person does bad.


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