Individual Strengths and Problem Solving Techniques

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Individual Strengths and Problem Solving Techniques
Carolyn Andrews
Psy 430
Paul Danner

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Individual Strengths and Problem Solving Techniques

Working in a group has been a big part of my life, both socially and professionally. In my social life, I play softball on three to four different teams. It is important to work together with others, because it takes the team as a whole to win a game not an individual person. In my professional life, I work for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento. I run an extension of the program at an elementary school by providing an afterschool program. At the site, I work with 4 staff that I manage. I also work with the administrative office and the other employees. I am constantly working in a group one way or another.

In these group settings I feel that I bring a lot of strengths and skills to help the group work effectively. In the softball group example I bring skill of playing well and dedication to my team. My team knows that I will be there every game and they can rely on me. If for some reason I can not make the game I let the team know ahead of time. I also bring knowledge of the game. I know the rules and how they pertain to the game. Often times I have had individuals come to me to about rulings and how the game is played. At work, I am a team player. I am always encouraging team building and cooperation. As well as always being up to take on tasks that needs to be completed. I am confident in the work that I do, but am always up for constructive criticism to improve myself. People I work with know that they can turn to me to help get things done in a Individual Strengths and Problem Solving TechniquesPage 3

timely matter. My supervisor often comes to me to help her complete tasks. I am very organized and she isn’t. A lot of times we brainstorm together and she tells me...
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