Individual Simulation Paper

Topics: Statistics, Non-parametric statistics, Normal distribution Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Individual Simulation Paper
RES 342
May 6, 2012


The body of the simulation was about the soil in Ralph’s fields and what was making Ralph’s crops fail every year. Through this simulation I chose to use the two-way ANOVA and nonparametric test to help me evaluate the effects of the diverse factors on two response variables, which were productivity and client satisfaction. My findings helped me to narrow down and identify the areas that needed most improvement. Three Lessons Learned

The lessons that were learned about an ANOVA and nonparametric test were that the two-way ANOVA helps to determine the data that you have when it comes from numerous different groups that have a common mean. I learned that nonparametric tests make only slight assumptions about the data, and are applicable when the distribution of the data is non-normal. Although the nonparametric test are less dominant than traditional methods for normally distributed data. How to apply what I learned

Being in the military I don’t exactly know how I will incorporate what I learned with the ANOVA and the nonparametric test. I think that the two-way ANOVA may be this first test that I could use in my work place, because its helps to identify the data that you have while coming from different groups that have a common mean. In my unit we have so many different sections which can be considered groups, so when we have a common goal or mean this test can help me to determine all the data between each section. Recommendation

This analysis helped me to understand how important quality is. By doing the simulation I can recommend that looking into the quality and the looking into the life cycle of the project will help to determine any problems that the project may be having. Looking at every aspect of the project life cycle can help you better that project and determine what can be done to get the results that you want out of that project.
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