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Unit tittle: individual needs in health in health and social care Outline the everyday needs of individuals (P1)
The Maslow triangle shows the basic needs on how to survive and what every individual needs. So far we have looked at everyday needs for different individuals. We have also discussed Maslow’s triangle and how it helps us with what we need. We have looked at each step of the ladder and what we can add in the certain categories. We looked at what each person deserves in the right in life. E.g. treated equally, freedom of speech, to be listened to, the right education, own culture and religion. Maslow’s triangle:

These are the basic needs that should be met.
Once each levels needs are met a person can go to the next level until they reach the top (which not a lot of people can meet). •If any of these needs are not met then they can become priority. •At the top/highest level us self- actualization were the individual is displaying and using their full potential. •The lower level needs are food/water, shelter, warmth and safety whilst the higher needs are about self-esteem and self-worth, creativity and fulfilment. First ladder:

The basic needs that should be met are on the first ladder. Such as food, water, shelter, warmth, etc… •Once these are met the person can progresses onto the next level, if the needs are not met they become priority. Second ladder:

The second ladder is the next step up on the basic needs of an individual. On this ladder it gives you security needs and safety such as: Lock doors, people around you to protect you, etc… Third ladder:

The third ladder is two steps up from the first one ones, once the other two steps are complete the third ladder is the next need. (social needs) •Social needs are met through our relationships with others. •We then achieve belonging and acceptance.

Then this will lead to happiness but sometimes can go wrong e.g. being bullied or divorced. Fourth ladder:
When the needs at the bottom three levels have been satisfied, the esteem needs begins. Top of the ladder:
At the highest level is self-actualisation were the individual is displaying and their full potential. •Some people can’t reach this level of the pyramid.

Peoples needs in different life stages.
Infants (0 to 3 years old).
The infants stage is specific to infants theses needs are: to have someone feed them/to be fed, to have someone do everything for them (such as nappies being changed) as they can’t do things for themselves at this stage of life. They need lots of sleep so they can form relationships (a bond), with their parents and possibly other kids (or even carers). They also need secure routines and to have toys and or books to help them learn. So they can develop their gross and fine motor skills (crawling etc...) the gross motor skills are to help the infant control the bigger muscles of the body. (For example legs to crawl, stand or even walk).

Children (4 to 10 years old)
This stage, children are learning to be more independent and do things for themselves as they need to have more opportunities to develop independence in all aspects. Throughout this life stage they are developing more skills such as eating and drinking but also personal hygiene (cleaning their teeth, washing their hands and more). Also on this stage they are still developing on their motor skills and will be playing with more advanced toys. (Learning things from them such as their abc). They will go on to school and they will be developing intellectually, learning to read, write and to use numbers, in hard, complicated ways. They will develop on their language at this stage to. School gives children opportunity’s to meet their social needs but also to interact with other people in the same age group as them. By doing this they will learn socials skills such as to share and how to make new friends.

Adolescents (11 to 18 years old)
At this...
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