Individual Health Needs Assignment

Topics: Nosocomial infection, Hand washing, Hygiene Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: March 30, 2011
My individual health needs assignment will be looking at a task I undertook for my clinical skills assessment. For the assessment I had to take my fellow colleagues blood pressure. This assignment will be looking at the positive and negative skills I have learnt throughout practice and experience; it will also show the areas I need to work on more. My assignment will also look at the importance of respecting my colleague’s needs and preferences. The assignment will also look at the importance of gaining consent from my patient before I carry out any nursing intervention.

At the beginning of the assessment I had to give a clear understanding of which I was and the scenario I will be taking part in. I felt my instructions were clear; however I could have spoken louder and slower. Before I carried out my task I washed my hands and cleaned the blood pressure equipment, by doing this I have reduced the risk of infection (Dougherty, Lister 2006).Dougherty et al states hand washing is well researched and uncontroversial having been found to be the single most important procedure for preventing nosocomial infection as hands have been shown to be an important route of infection (cited Dougherty, Lister 2006 page 53.) The DOH also states hands must be cleaned before and after any nursing intervention (cited Dougherty, Lister2006). I felt my hand washing technique was good as I followed the six hand technique which states, to wash hands correctly you initially have to wash your hands palm to palm, which I did, it also suggests you have to put your right palm over the back of your left palm and vice versa, thirdly palm to palm with bent and spread out fingers. The fourth step of this technique is to wash the outer parts of your bent fingers, fifthly circular rubbing of left thumb in closed right hand which I feel I did not do correctly, and finally is circular rubbing backwards and forwards with closed right hand fingertips in left palm and vice versa ( cited Braun...
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