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To sustain Hong Kong’s growth and vitality, what kinds of core values do you think is important to Hong Kong? Wong Hiu Yi
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Core value is the basic daily life’s values of the society. I will suggest five such core value which I think is most important to Hong Kong. They are Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Rule of Law, and Freedom of demonstration and Incorruptibility. Freedom of Speech

First of all, freedom of speech is the human rights. The Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights mentions the freedom of expression is recognized as a human right. The freedom of speech in Hong Kong is progressively worse. One evidence is that the annual freedom performance of Hong Kong assessed by Freedom House is keep declining after the handover of Hong Kong. The government examination and control power are increase. The grade of Hong Kong’s freedom of speech is decreased from ‘free’ to ‘partly free’. Besides, the Hong Kong Journalist Association conducted the survey which is about the freedom of Hong Kong, 60% of interviewee agree that it had been regressed. On the more specific ways to say is the affairs incurred in Hong Kong makes the people feels anxious. For example, the proposed of the Basic Law article 23 lead the panics of the freedom of speech, if the article introduces, the room of express his/her own opinions will be narrowed. The Hong Kong 1 July protests of this year, there are 500000 marchers combat the introducing on article 23, although the article finally postponed, Hong Kong citizens still afraid abound the government intervention on freedom of speech.

In addition, the visit by the then-vice Premier of China, Li Keqian in 2011, is debated for the violation of freedom of speech. A Laguna City resident wearing a T-shirt with the Tiananmen Square 4 June protest slogan was removed by police before Li's arrival to visit a civil servant. These cases harmed the freedom of speech of Hong Kong,...
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