Individual Behavior Types

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Predominant Behavior Styles of Team A
As with any team, team A is comprised of members with different behavioral styles. Team A's member's behavior styles are Steadiness, Cautious, and Dominance. These different behavior styles have similarities and differences that can work together to compliment each other or can create team conflict. Linda

People with the steadiness style are "slower-paced and relationship-focused. They are also open and indirect, relatively unassertive, warm, and reliable,(assessment survey). They like to know how others feel about decisions they had made and tend to avoid confrontation. Personal relationships are high priorities for the steadiness style. People with this behavior style have a strong tendency to be supportive of others. When placed in a stressful situation this person may seem indifferent to most but it is a self preservation technique to just avoid the unpleasant situation. Others that are aggressive and pushy tend to irritate the steadiness style, and often put them into uncomfortable situations.

This behavior style likes for things to remain the same and often avoid change. Steadiness styles prefer to work in situations where plans are laid out and each step of the process is clearly defined. They are generally not risk takers, prefer to feel in charge of their situation. They do need to learn how to delegate tasks, realizing that there are others who are also capable of performing the job and therefore freeing up some time for themselves. People with this style of behavior tend to "spread themselves too thin" because they do not trust others to complete a given task. Under the steadiness style is the subcategory of the go-getter. "The Go-Getter is LESS open and LESS indirect than most other Steadiness styles," (assessment survey). While not always a direct person, when a goal is on the line, the go-getter can be very direct in getting their point across and taking charge to get this task accomplished. This person is self-reliant and self-motivated. Jackie

Focusing on the team, as members we seem to have The Interactive Style (I Style) as well as The Cautious Style(C Style). I say this because as a team we are all different and we all have different ideas and goals. The socializer, the helper, and the team with the cautious attitude is what best express this team. In the interactive style category I think the socializer and the helper describes this team at best. Being socializers we have that natural feeling of getting to know everyone, such as a meet and greet aspect as well as making others feel as comfortable as possible. We all speak freely about how we feel about an assignment and what goals need to meet, we share our past experience hoping it will benefit us a as a team and in the end expecting everyone to do the same by speaking up and communicating their thoughts. Even though this is an online learning in environment, we have that ability to adjust well to diverse ways of doing things. How we build a friendship in our team is what motivates us to being a helper. We strive in having that connection with everyone, each on a different personal level. I think as a team we do what we can to make sure the task is successful, whether that is spending a few more minutes online as a team or checking in early to make sure everyone is ok. The ways we communicate is respectful so no one is offended or even have that feeling of being unappreciated; that is the last thing we want to happen. Overall, we are idea-people and dreamers who excel at getting others excited about their completing tasks, and taking on tasks. Furthermore, I personally fall into the interactive style and the cautious style category. I say this because I know I am the type who likes to socialize and meet new people as well as cautious when making decisions within the team. I find it very important when working together as teams I can give myself time in order to make the best judgment instead...
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