Individual behavior in organization

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Big Five personality traits Pages: 16 (3080 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Paper #2 : Individual Behavior in Organizations

Gislaine Mitchell
BUS 331
Professor Dr. Fortin
Thursday, March 15, 2012

California State University of Bakersfield







Paper #2 : Individual Behavior in Organizations  1 

As we go through the second part of the course, I believe we have been putting more emphasis on individual comprehension and interpretation of organizational behavior. Evaluating ourselves through personality, intelligence and personal values is complex but very interesting. The exercises are really relevant because we are able to relate them with personal experiences, which makes the Organizational Behavior much more significant. I feel the key concepts we go through in those chapters will be pertinent in the future, as we get a better comprehension of our behavior and how we should change it in a better way. I feel I will be able to move more quickly through developmental requirements in an organization and earn more trust by applying those concepts in my everyday life.

This paper will elaborate on 5 chapters. We will first concentrate on self-concept and then go through the notion of personal values. Perception will be then elaborated, followed by foundations of motivation. Finally, feedback within organization will be covered. Chapter 5


Self-concept is segmented in three distinct areas in the textbook, self-esteem, self –efficacy, and self-monitoring. Self-concept is defined as “the concept the individual has of himself as a physical, social, and spiritual or moral being” (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2010, p.125). The exercise “Self Inventory” was a good overlook of what leads and defines our personal beliefs or knowledge about ourselves. I was able to identify my motivation, the experiences that have








Paper #2 : Individual Behavior in Organizations  2 

shaped my life, and personal attributes that people I admired posses that influence my life. For instance, I believe that what keeps me real is my friends and family, as well as the volunteer work I have done. I feel that people who do not have a good understanding of self-concept in general are not necessarily able to identify what influences them or just realize what ideas they have about them self. Self-esteem is a big part of how you will or not be capable of evaluating yourself.

Self- Efficacy

The “ Multiple Intelligence Inventory” is relevant of the self-efficacy concept defined in the words of Kreitner & Kinicki, 2010 “Self-Efficacy arises from the gradual acquisition of complex cognitive, social, linguistic, and/or physical skills through experience” (p.128). In my opinion, the exercise put in perspective that self-rating can teach us a lot about what we should put more emphasis. Additionally, it teaches us what we should improve in order to be more productive in both personal and professional levels. I believe that these two levels are actually intimately related. More you feel good in your skin and develop these different types of intelligence, more you shall be capable of blooming. Interpersonal intelligence is an aspect of my life where I would be able to maximize my potential.


I realized that I am considered to be a high self-monitor. I came to this conclusion doing the exercise “Examine Your Viewpoints”. I answered “true” to many questions that are relevant to a high self-monitor behavior, such as, “I know how I feel about most situations and don’t need to keep thinking about them” and “ I’m comfortable feeling my way through a task if necessary ”.








Paper #2 : Individual Behavior in Organizations  3 

So I believe I can be compared to a chameleon, which readily adapts it self to its surroundings (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2010, p.131). I do feel that I have facility to be around any kind of people or working environment. I think it is a competitive advantage within...
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