Individual Assurance of Learning Excercise 1

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Individual Assignment - D02-IALE1-Johnson
1. Assurance of Learning Exercise 1A, Step 4, page 37
1: Highly successful and recognized worldwide (Ronald McDonald and the Golden Arch) 2: Strongest Brand Image as the number-1 fast-food company by sales, with more than 32,478 restaurants in 117 countries. 3: Consistently solid financial performance.

  * Sales revenue up 3.8% in 2009, global comparable sales up 6.9%.   * Net income up 9% from 2008.

1: 80% of restaurants are franchise owned, placing image and reputation in other’s hands. 2: Not in sync with health and lifestyle
3: Struggles with fluctuations in operating and net profits:   * Operating profits $4,433M (2006), $3,879M (2007), $6443M (2008).   * Net profits $3,544M (2006), $2,395M (2007), $4,313M (2008).

1: Healthier food, such as low fat, low cal.
2: Increased beverage options with McCafe have been shown to increase customer visits in Europe (+7.2%). 3: Joint ventures with retailers (Wal-Mart, etc.) can place new locations in high traffic areas at lower capital cost. (Such as the Wal-Mart located in Roanoke, VA)

1: More health conscious customers.
2: Intense price pressure from competitors like Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, KFC and any mid-range sit-down restaurants. 3: As a multinational food operation, variations in the currency of other countries becomes a problem.

2. Assurance of Learning Exercise 1B, p.326

1. Buying competitors’ garbage: U & L
2. Dissecting competitors’ products: U & L
3. Taking competitors’ plant tours anonymously: E & L
4. Counting tractor-trailer trucks leaving competitors’ loading bays: E & L 5. Studying aerial photographs of competitors’ facilities: E & L 6. Analyzing competitors’ labor contracts: U & I

7. Analyzing competitors’ help-wanted ads: E & L
8. Quizzing customers and buyers about the sales of competitors’ products: E & L 9. Infiltrating customers’ and competitors’ business operations: U & I 10. Quizzing suppliers about competitors’ level of manufacturing: U & L 11. Using customers to buy out phony bids: U & I

12. Encouraging key customers to reveal competitive information: U & I 13. Quizzing competitors’ former employees: E & I
14. Interviewing consultants who may have worked with competitors: E & L 15. Hiring key managers away from competitors: E & L
16. Conducting phony job interviews to get competitors’ employees to reveal information: E, U, L, and I. (depends on what information) 17. Sending engineers to trade meetings to quiz competitors’ technical employees: E & L 18. Quizzing potential employees who worked for or with competitors: E & L

3. Assurance of Learning Exercise 1B, Steps 1-2, page 37 Strengths:
1: Students can either earn their degrees at the campus or online. 2: Is the largest private, non-profit school in the country and the largest four-year school in Virginia.   * Between 1992 and 2009, fall enrollment increased from 8,500 to 46,949.   * With more than 80,000 taking classes online.

3: The fiscal contributions alone are making an impact on local business, Liberty staff, employees and staff was responsible for $268 million in direct spending to Lynchburg area in 2009.   * A net $180 million remained in the state

  * Creating close to $283 million in activity
  * Every Liberty dollar spent in Virginia in 2009 ultimately generated $1.57 in overall economic activity. 4: Diverse student body and faculty.
5: Liberty University’s ranking in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities (South), 65.

1: Employers are threatened by Liberty and think less of their degrees. 2: With the high growth of the student body, they will have to supply and improve technology 3: High student to faculty ratio

  * 25:1 Resident Undergraduate
  * 17:1 Online
  * 19:1 Combined
4: 70% Full-time faculty hold terminal degrees

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