Individual Assignment Questions And Marking Guide

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Marketing 100
Individual Assignment

Choose only ONE of the following two questions and answer according to the requirements of the question. You will need to provide support and justification for your answers. You are EXPECTED to refer to marketing theories (mainly from chapters 4, 6, 8, 10 and 11). You will be marked according to your ability to apply theories to the ads you have chosen.

Note: For Question 1, please choose PROPER ads and not product images as they are NOT ads. They will need to have a brand and professional execution to constitute an ad.

Question 1:
This is an application question. When discussing the answers, please make sure you are relating your answers to the AD and not your general perception of the brand. You will need to link to the symbols, the visuals, and characters (and so on) that you can see in the ad. Please do not make up imaginary claims which are NOT reflected in the Ads.

Choose FIVE ads for one product category of your choice (for example, ice cream) that targets FIVE different target markets. For each of the ad you will need to: 1) Identify and discuss the positioning of the BRAND. You can draw a positioning map to elaborate your answer; 2)Identify the target market using the five bases of segmentation (geographic, demographic, psychographic, benefit, usage rate). You will need to justify your answers by linking to the symbols, images, words, and content visible and analyzable from the AD. 3) Discuss whether the AD is effective by elaborating on the following: is the AD easy for the target market to understand? Can the ad cause confusion? Why? Would the AD increase awareness, positive feelings or buying intentions? How would you improve on the AD? If the AD is effective, elaborate on why you think it is effective.

Justify your answers with marketing theories (refer to chapters 6, 8, 10 and 11). (25 marks)

Question 2:
Identify FIVE pairs of branded products that lookalike. For EACH PAIR of products...
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