Indipendence Day Speech

Topics: Nation, Country, Truth Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Good morning to respected principal sir, teachers and my dear friends. We all know why we have assembled here this morning. It was on this day in the Year 1947 mother India got her independence. Today we all feel proud to tell the globe that India is a free nation. This was possible because of the endless sacrifices of our countrymen for about one and half century under the leadership of our brilliant national leaders. We are grateful to the high intellectual and moral standard of our national leaders.

Friends the most remarkable thing I like about India is that for centuries other nations came and ruled us conquered us but we as a nation never took away any other country’s freedom. Some people say that we were not strong enough but it is not the truth. It is because we respect freedom we did not conquer any other country.

It is needless to say that we advanced in every sphere in the last 63 years after independence. Yes, we advanced. But there is no room of complacency for lot of problems cropped up in these years in not only our country but through out the globe. Our existence in the planet is under potential threat for our own selfishness and greed. It is our duty to identify and understand the problems and to devote our lives in order to save ourselves. Friends, we all know that we live in a well diversified country with respect to race, caste, religion and language and it is also very clear that we have to go many miles to eradicate poverty and to impart basic education to our huge population. And friends, as we have our democracy in hand, we will definitely achieve that had we had peaceful social order maintained. We have to vehemently condemn the ugly heads of all kind of communalism, castiesm, racism and separatism to promote humanism.

Our country is surely advancing but still we have a mountain to climb. The crown is surely at the top of the mountain waiting for its true successor. With these thoughts i end my word. :)
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