Indigenous Tradition

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Indigenous tradition

In the past people have mistaken about their tradition
Indigenous originality or occurring naturally (country, region etc) To be indigenous kinship (relation to one another) and location(connection of particular place)

Indigenous religion beliefs, experience and practices concerning non-falsifiable realities of people who have kinship and location

Syncretism merging of elements from different religions.
Eg : north American tradition have been influenced by Christianity, some African rituals are influences by Islam. * Change occurs everywhere
* Traditions are less authentic (accurate) than thousands year ago Indigenous can be found anywhere:
* Anishinaubae: drumming ceremony in Toronto
* Yoruba: Funeral rites in London
* Maori: Purification ritual in opera house Sydney Australia


* Common to Indigenous traditions is colonialism
* Oglala (Indigenous community) –> a theorist explained them as “warriors without weapons basically they were incapable to adapting a new economy lifestyle they focused on how to make them “modern Indians” * Outsider lack insider knowledge

* Scholars often used terms such as fetish, myth, mana, taboo to explain Indigenous traditions. * Eg “ Indigenous stories are called myth where the bible is considered to be true. Primitive

Cultures that are unchanged from the beginning primitive
Christians, who believed in god and their tradition, had superiority and began to spread their religion to who didn’t know about gospel

Indigenous traditions are tend to think more primitive -- Due to non-literate * But writing to not better than oral speaking
* Mayan did use writing
* Most Indigenous people are very literate

Indigenous tradition are tend to think more primitive – consider everything to be sacred (untrue) * Eg : Navajo : ceremony that transforms normal house into a scared place. So everything such as eating, sleeping is considered to be sacred. * Australian aborigine knows where to pray(know the difference between sacred and non sacred mountains) Primitive term is now disagreeing by many scoloars

Mohawk and Cree (Dr Clare Brant)

Mohawk: Indigenous traditions who give more food to their guest to show their wealth. Cree: Indigenous tradition who eat all the food offered to show scarcity.

These two traditions did not go well together and this shows that Indigenous traditions are different from each other. Another point is that we see other cultures according to our own cultures.

Gender roles:
* Male: hunting and warfare
* Female: healing and food preparation
* Maori carvers were men and weavers were women. Bunu men frow cotton and women turn it into clothes. * Sometimes the roles switch just like other traditions
* Usually religions practices are different for men and woman too.

Power of speech

Oral speaking is very imp for Indigenous traditions things are passed down oraly. Many people think oral primitive (untrue)
Both Quran and Bible was passed down orally before written into text

Stories :

After life :
* Kewa: a man finds a tunnel where his dead people wre living together and they gave them many things and asks him not to speak of it. When he goes and tell everyone about the tunnel, he breaks the promise and when he returns the tunnel is gone. * Anishinaubae : young man fiancé died, and he go on a journey to find her and when he found her , he returns home heartbroken, keeping his promise. * These stories tell us about importance of relationships tell us about how we should live than about dying

Writing stores often “fixed in time”


* Considered as “culture heroes” because they are the central figures in many stores * Usually shape shift usually into animals
* Can change genders sometime biological and sometime just clothes changing *...
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