Indigenous Education in Canada & Australia

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Indigenous Education in Australia and Canada

Indigenous people around the world have been a major target for discrimination and this has been the case throughout history, however, the Indigenous people of Australia and Canada have quite recently felt the burden. It is evident that during the 1990’s to the early 2000’s, a lower standard of education received by Indigenous Australians has a close similarity with the education received by Indigenous Canadians. The non-Indigenous results from students in both Australia and Canada have exceeded the standard of Indigenous student’s results which has terribly disadvantaged the Indigenous communities of Australia and Canada. The noticeable difference in education results is due to the unfair treatment of Indigenous people in Australia and Canada, from teaching different and dishonest curriculum, missing out on valuable opportunities, not being able to incorporate their native traditions and even the harsh and racist bullying. These are all well-founded examples of the lack of quality education the Indigenous people have received.

Since colonisation in Canada, missionaries had established schools for Indigenous children. The Canadian governments believed that by using assimilation, Indigenous children would become civilised and would bring them into colonial society. (Wikipedia, 2014) The two main types of schools were boarding schools that were located on or near the reserves and industrial schools that were located in the cities and responsible for training Indigenous children for manual labour. Despite the Indigenous students learning reading, writing, maths and labouring skills, they were on the other hand taken away from their families and unable to speak in their native language. In some schools, server punishment was required if students spoke in their native languages (Australian Human Rights Commission 2010).

In comparison to this, when...
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