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Essay on Independent Film’s Freedom of Expression

One form of the new media is the Independent film which is usually produced or made outside the major film studio system, hence the name independent. Just like other kinds of media, traditional or not, indie films also promote the freedom of expression which is evident in its content. The content or storyline differentiates Indie films from the mainstream movies as Independent films present more sensitive and realistic issues. Issues which studios cannot invest on because they don’t see profit in it as the moviegoers patronize the films which provide a temporary escape from reality, poverty and politics. Moreover, Indie films are relatively difficult to understand. Hence, those who spend more on independent films are viewers from the academe who are hungry for the intellectual content. Indie Film promotes freedom in the process of making it because for them, it is important to realize the filmmaker’s personal artistic vision and to convey the film’s message. However, no matter how much we consider film as a form of art, its purpose of being a self-expression tool is not fully realized as films are always subjected to censorship. An art for a filmmaker is obscene to the regulatory board so they refuse to expose it. What they don’t know is that, filmmakers did not include those parts just because they wanted to; it is seen in the movie because it’s a piece of their story, it’s their art. With that, I guess it is safe to say that in indie films, our right to freedom of expression is suppressed due to the dissimilarity on our definition of art.
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