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Topic: The Indie Café Trend in Singapore
Interviewees: Agnes Yap (27 years old, Operations Executive)
: Kiat (Proprietor of The Broers Café)

Coffee, Tea or Me?
Indie cafes, made with love and so much more..

What is it about these charming little establishments that hold our hearts in rapture and make them sing with delight? Could it be their heartwarming food and carefully selected desserts, their original and quirky interior design, or just the passionate people running the place? These cafes may be located in old estates or places that are not very accessible yet people still go out of their way to venture into these remote areas just to have a taste of the café’s offerings. Now let us ponder on the wonders of indie cafes to understand their phenomenal allure.

Coffee…not for the faint hearted
With a wide variety of painstakingly sourced beans, heavy duty equipments and an arduous process of brewing a single cup of coffee, it is clear that a majority of these cafés are targeted at coffee aficionados. Café’s such as Toby Estate, Forty Hands, The Broers Café, Jimmy Monkey Café, Loysel’s Toy and Smitten Coffee & Tea Bar produce coffee that rivals those of their more established counterparts in Australia and the United States. Using professional equipment such as a coffee bean roaster, an Ice drip and a Clover machine, Toby Estate located at Robertson Quay serves coffee which begins by roasting the beans, running them through a Clover machine and with just the right combination of water and pressure then lo and behold! A perfectly balanced cup of coffee that tantalizes the drinker’s taste buds.

It’s no wonder that these ‘cup of joes’ are a far cry from the diluted offerings at coffee chains as they are prepared by award-winning baristas who exudes passion and can spend hours in heated debates about the difference between a house-blend and a single-origin bean or roasting techniques which defines the characteristic flavor of the coffee. A coffee enthusiast would no doubt feel right at home here.

Desserts for the Sweet Tooth
Just thinking about devouring a sweet piece of heaven gets me drooling shamelessly. I for one would succumb easily to lava cakes oozing with warm chocolate, decadent cheesecake that melts in your mouth and moist bittersweet tiramisu. And what these cafés offer, are no ordinary desserts. Just imagine having a homemade crisp and chewy waffle, with a homemade sinful truffle chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce to boot, this is what up and coming chocolatier, Wimbly Lu offers. Those rich and dark flavors teasing your senses, you would feel like you are in cloud nine. Not only that, this café houses many different variations of chocolate infused desserts, such as chocolate brownie cheesecake, chocolate crème brulee, chocolate tiramisu, dark chocolate mousse …

Antoinette, Kki Café, Flor Patisserie, Obolo Patisserie, 3 Inch Sin, just to name a few, houses amazing confectionary at affordable prices! Their creations are mouth watering and drop dead gorgeous and the talented patissiers are constantly developing more delicacies to whet our appetite. This could be a dream come true for us dessert lovers.

Now what of the ambience and vibe that these cafés have? The café owner’s personality and creativity are prominently displayed in the store, from the mismatched furniture right down to the eclectic tableware.

Agnes Yap, a frequent patron of Wimbly Lu says, “You feel as if time seems to stand still here and you have entered into a time warp, I love to just while the hours away, with a good book in hand.”

At Wimbly Lu, a cute little red and white beetle is permanently parked at the café storefront, and the arresting black bordered shop windows are peppered with tiny intricately designed paper boxes containing their homemade chocolates which distinguish this café from...

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