Indian Telecom Industry

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Indian Telecom Industry

Truly Unmatched Growth Story
Indian Telecom Sector has come a long way since the days, when one had to wait for upto ten years for getting a new landline connection. The growth story that has unfolded in the past ten years has provided common man with the opportunity to access this highly needed facility. Indian Telecom Companies have written numerous success stories in their journey to make the dream of affordable and effective communication facility for Indian very much possible!

In 1991, India had just five million telephone subscribers. As at the end of October 2008, there were 363.95 million subscribers.Teledensity too which was below one telephone per 100 population has now risen sharply to above 30. What has happened over the past decade in Telecom Sector in India is a revolution of sorts. In April 2008, India overtook the US as the second largest wireless market India is projected to become the second largest telecom market globally by 2010.

Future Perfect:
Today penetration has reached to above 80, and 50 in Metros, and Urban centers respectively. Even from here, the Indian telecommunications industry is likely to continue being one of the fastest growing in the world. [pic]

Given the favourable demographics, rising income level, and increasing consumerism, telecom companies in India have 'great potential' for the growth. With the overall telecom penetration still at a relatively low level of 31.50, and the call rates having moved southward in range of Rs. 0.60 to 0.80 per minute, India growth story is still unfolding.

Trends in Telecom Sector:
Dominance of Wireless Technology:
The growth in of Indian telecom Industry has been majorly led by wireless technologies, which include cellular mobile and fixed wireless technologies. In fact, almost the entire increase in the availability of telephones has been contributed by wireless technologies. India has one of the highest ratios of wireless to wireline services,...
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