Indian Removal Act

Topics: Cherokee, Georgia, Trail of Tears Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Indian Removal Act

On May 28, 1830, Andrew Jackson signed The Indian Removal Act declaring that the government had the power to relocate Native Americans in the southeast to the west of the Mississippi River.
The first start of the removal of the Cherokee Indians started in the state of Georgia. Georgia Legislature in 1802 signed a compact giving the federal government claims to western land in exchange for the government to extinguish the Indian titles in the state. Later the Georgia citizens began to doubt the government that they would not go through with their deal. The reason behind this was that the Cherokee tribes already claimed a large amount of land in Georgia. The Cherokee Indians became worried that their land would be taken away from them, so they forced the issue in The Supreme Court, in becoming an independent nation within Georgia. The Supreme Court proclaimed that Cherokees were neither nation nor a state but part of the state of Georgia. Cherokee Indians sought help from President Andrew Jackson but he declared that he would not interfere with lawful choices the state of Georgia has made.

Instead of helping the Cherokee Indians, Newly President Jackson saw that the best solution to the problem was by removing the Indians to the western lands. By doing this it would keep the Indians and the colonists from coming into contact rare and allow white settlers to invade their land. He allowed laws to be passed so that they Indians would have to move west of the Mississippi. Similar issues came up when the Seminole tribe had land disputes with the state of Florida. Many battles were fought by the Indians against the whites to ensure that they could keep their land in the south. To ensure peace, the federal government made the Five Civilized Tribes move out of their land and move to land in Oklahoma. This was Presidents Jackson way of “protecting them and allowing them time to adjust the white cultures.”

Within 10 years of the Indian...
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