Indian Racism Essay

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Race and Ethnicity, United States Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Zairia Miller
Mrs. Hartley
IDE 10
Indian Racism Readings Response
There are several correlations between Civilize Them With a Stick, Indian Education, and From The Toughest Indian in the World. Each article presents cases of racism, discrimination, and disrespect towards the Native American ethnic group in ways that are completely different, yet the same. Firstly, I discovered that all three pieces connect because they all have young students being treated cruelly by white figures of authority. I think this is a key thing to point out because none of the narratives pointed out that they had to endure racism from regular white Americans, just figures of authority like nuns, priests, and headmasters. In Civilize Them With A Stick, Mary Crow Dog has to endure racism and cruel treatment from the nuns at her Catholic boarding school on a regular basis. In Indian Education, the main character is abused by some of his teachers. In From The Toughest Indian in the World, Fury has to endure the cruel, racist treatment of Mr. Williams, the CAT administrator, and the security guard, who questions him just because he is a Native American. The second connection I made was how in all three pieces, the characters/narrators are bullied by their peers as well. In Civilize Them With A Stick, Mary Crow Dog, favoritism was running rampant: the nuns favored the lighter skinned Indians and treated them with some respect, but the full blood, darker skinned Indians were treated like dirt. This led to a lot of tension between the lighter and darker skinned Indians. In Indian Education, the main character is bullied more by his classmates than he is by the teachers. When he was in the first grade, some of the other boys stole his classes and tripped him and he just had to sit there and take it. Eventually, he found the courage to take action though. In From The Toughest Indian In The World, Fury was given bewildered looks when he sat down to take his CAT test because...
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