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Topics: India, Marriage, South Asia Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: October 11, 2013
As I’ve noted in my country profiling, Sri Lanka does not have specific law(s) against domestic violence. Women’s role in Sri Lanka has transformed predominantly from traditional, agricultural and domestic roles to manufacturing and assembly production in the past decades. Women have started to realize the independence from traditional gender roles in society, especially in marriage and childrearing. Even at some extent due to the lack of male responsibilities in the household, women have become breadwinners as their new occupation in Sri Lanka. Due to the lack of acceptance from the male dominant society, women suffer significantly due to their physical and emotional struggle. For my final assignment, I will be focusing on: violence against women in South Asia and especially on the context of dowry. Dowry practice’s in South Asian society seems to be a culture-specific form of domestic violence. A dowry is known as property, gifts, goods, or money brought by a bride to her husband’s home on their marriage ("Dowry-related violence," 2010). Most of the time dowry is given by the bride’s parents for the couples to begin their family and also to show the women’s status. Sometimes a bride’s family is expected to pay for the entire marriage as part of dowry. Dowry is a common practice in South Asian community, especially in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal ("Dowry-related violence," 2010). Dowry is common among the highly educated class society to uneducated low class society in the South Asian community. Dowry has its roots in South Asia, however due to migration practice of dowry, it’s begun “spreading to wherever the transnational South Asian community has been settling” (Pg.1, Mishra, 2000). The nature of dowry used to be confined to cloths, utensils and jewellery in the past (Mishra, 2000). In current generation what is considered as appropriate dowry has also undergone a drastic change within South Asian...
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