Indian Call Centres

Topics: Business process outsourcing, Government, Call centre Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: December 13, 2006
Indian government is doing all the best possible to counter such issues, security measures have increased for BPO employees, special instructions are given to the families and women travelling at night. There has been a close monitoring and counselling of the employees. All possible steps are being taken to avoid any unfortunate events. The Indian call centre labour process is more of a self management issue rather than a global problem. It is vital to mention that India has been able to offer best means to make business process outsourcing a global opportunity. India has many advantages in spatial terms and it has the best infrastructure at the lowest possible expenditure. Indians remain to be loyal, warm and committed to the clients and employees alike. The political-economic factors mentioned in the report are being observed and watched closely by the Indian government. Special cells and committees have been formed to make sure that all possible steps are taken to ease the entry and operation of global IT business. States are offering new sites, opening of special economic zones SEZ and software parks. All possible subsidies and priorities are given to foreign companies. Foreign exchange rules are eased up. Custom and excise has been reduced to fairly low levels for easy set up of infrastructure required for setting up call centres. Bank loans are provided at low rates of interest to such developments. To sum up there has been a lot of development in Indian IT scenario since this report has been worked upon. What should have been noted here is that there are many cities where call centres have been set up, there is a vast diversification in nature of working employees from different cities. Employees from Delhi or Mumbai have their own set of commitments and working styles. A predicted trend should have been used and how the government and legal bodies are supporting the business.

The data used for evaluating the effects...
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