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Topics: Business process outsourcing, Indian Institutes of Management, Outsourcing Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: May 4, 2013
1. How do you characterize competition in the Indian BPO industry? Cost, people, and environment are characterized under competition in the Indian BPO Industry. India ranks first among a host of desirable nations in terms of cost which includes employee cost, infrastructure cost, management cost and the tax structure. It beats all its competitors on the people front as well. 2. What unique resources and capabilities help Indian BPO firms to compete globally and also enter new markets? BPO providers such as TCS BPO, WIPRO GENPACT, INFOSYS, and WNS are global players capable of offering a diversified portfolio of services and also possessing capabilities to deliver globally. For example TCS one of Target’s BPO partners supports the retailer’s operations from its delivery centers in Uruguay and Chile. 3. What formal and informal institutions may accelerate or constrain the growth f the Indian BPO industry? 4. On Ethics: As CEO of any leading Indian BPO providers, how do you answer a US reporter who asks, “Many American believe outsourcing IT/ BPO work has destroyed a lot of US jobs. What do you think? I believe American corporations are not destroying the US jobs by outsourcing their IT services. I believe the US companies wants to provide India the opportunity to provide services globally at a lower cost. This is due to the economic advantages and the large supply of a well educated, highly motivated, competent, productive, and English-speaking workforce provided by Indian BPO. India also has one of the most developed educational systems in the world, with seven prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and four equally prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIM).
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