Indian Beverage Industry Report

Topics: Soft drink, Coca-Cola, Kefir Pages: 54 (15082 words) Published: December 12, 2010

1. Beverage Overview------------------------------------------------------3 2. Indian Beverage Industry-----------------------------------------------4 3. Share of Volume by Beverage Category of India----------------------7 4. Per Capita Consumption In India---------------------------------------8 5. Key Figures on Indian Beverage Industry------------------------------9 6. Factors driving developments in the Indian Beverages Sector-------10 7. Packaging of Beverage Industry----------------------------------------11 8. Beverages for ‘Health and Wellness’ in the Indian Market------------ 12 9. The beverage industry’s response towards Health and Wellness------12 10. Barriers to taking ‘functional’ beverages mainstream------------------13 11. Converting Barriers into the Opportunities-----------------------------14 12. Indian Beverage Market Perspectives-----------------------------------15 13. Indian Beverage Distribution & Marketing Network--------------------15 14. Issues Related to Indian Beverage Market-----------------------------16 15. SWOT Analysis Of Indian Beverage Industry---------------------------18 16. The Leading Beverage Companies And Their Competitive Brands----19 • Coca Cola Company-----------------------------------------------20 • PepsiCO India------------------------------------------------------23 • UB Group-----------------------------------------------------------28 • Dabur India Limited-----------------------------------------------30 • Red Bull------------------------------------------------------------32 • Café Coffee Day---------------------------------------------------34 • Nestle India--------------------------------------------------------35 • Tata Global Beverages Ltd----------------------------------------37 17. Major Markets Under Indian Beverage Indsutry------------------------40 • Indian Non-Alcoholic Beverage Market---------------------------41 • Indian Soft Drink Market------------------------------------------43 • Indian Tea Market-------------------------------------------------45 • Indian Alcoholic Beverage Market--------------------------------47 • Indian Beer Market------------------------------------------------49 • Indian Wine Market------------------------------------------------52 18. Key risks to the beverage industry--------------------------------------54 19. Future Projections Of Indian Beverage Industry------------------------55

A beverage is a drink specifically prepared for human consumption. Beverages almost always largely consist of water. Drinks often consumed include: Water (both flat or carbonated),Juice based drinks, Soft drinks, Sports and Energy drinks,Alcoholic beverages like beer or spirits ,Coffee, tea ,Dairy products like milk. Commonly, drinks are filled into containers, like glass or plastic bottles, steel or aluminum cans as well as cardboard supported packages, like the "TetraPak" or others. Filling of beverages can be done cold, hot, ambient and cold-aseptic filling to mention the latest trend of beverage marketing and technology. The beverage is mainly categorized into two major categories based upon the alcoholic and nonalcoholic nature of the drink. Non-Alcoholic beverages are further o two types based upon carbon content. These beverages contain Fruit juices, Coffee, Tea, Soda, Colas. The Alcoholic beverages are based upon the fruit content and grain. It may be Wine, Brandy, Whisky or Beer.

India has a population of more than 1.150 Billions which is just behind China. According to the estimates, by 2030 India population will be around 1.450 Billion and will surpass China to become the World largest in terms of population. Beverage Industry which is directly related to the population is expected to maintain a...
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