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* The Non-Aligned Movement of 1961, India developed a closer relationship with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. During that period, India's relatively cooperative strategic and military relations with Moscow and strong socialist policies had a distinctly adverse impact on its relations with the United States. * After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, India began to review its foreign policy in a unipolar world, and took steps to develop closer ties with the European Union and the United States, in furtherance of its national interests. * Today, India and the US share an extensive cultural, strategic, military, and economic relationship. * US became a close ally to Pakistan by the time to 1971 India Pakistan war and relations were constrained between US and India as US supported Pakistan in war * 1998 Pokhran tests : US laid sanctions along with Japan.. not much affected India’s economic rise.. later sanctions were lifted and resumed economic ties MILITARY RELATIONS:

* The US-India defence relationship derives from a common belief in freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, and seeks to advance shared security interests. These interests include maintaining security and stability, defeating violent religious extremism and terrorism, preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction and associated materials, data, and technologies, and protecting the free flow of commerce. * Various joint military exercises.

* India-US Counter-Terrorism Cooperation Initiative was signed in 2010 to expand collaboration on counter-terrorism, information sharing and capacity building. BILATERAL TRADE :
* The India-US Trade Policy Forum (TPF) was established in July 2005 to discuss issues related to trade * Commercial Dialogue has been set up to cover
(a) Trade Defence Measures
(b) Small and Medium Enterprises and
(c) capacity building on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). * India-US...
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