Topics: The White Tiger, Aravind Adiga, Political corruption Pages: 2 (1060 words) Published: June 14, 2014
International Indexed & Refferred Research Journal, August 2012, ISSN 0975-3486, RNI-RAJBAL 2009/30097:VoL III*ISSUE-35

Research Paper-English

'India Re-located' in Arvind Adiga's
The White Tiger
* Prakash Bhadury

August, 2012

* 232, Panchwati Enclave, Meerut.
The White Tiger (2008) explores the protagonist Munna's journey between an 'India of Light' and an 'India of Darkness' while the country is rising as a modern global economy. Narrated through epistolary form, Munna highlights the "Great Socialist's fall of values , social and political corruption, oppression of lower classes against 'Gandhian' values and his striving to come out as an entrepreneur, though in an corrupt way. Here, the protagonist is the White Tiger, a rare creature that comes once in a generation as a surprise and change. Adiga, here, is in permanent argument with the world he has inherited and has attempted to relocate India in a political and economic context.

The White Tiger is an unflattering portrait
of present day India as a society of servitude and rampant corruption. Poverty of rural Bihar, and the evil of the feudal landlords are shown mythically as an
attempt to temper the society with the vision of justice
against the brutal injustice at large in a vein of what
writers like Balzac, or Dickens did in the 19th century
(Guardian). The story, a witty parable of India's changing society, was the author's writing back and striking at the false notion of a modern transformed India.
Unglamorous portrait of India was taken as
an insult and indignity, but the author made it clear
that "what I am trying to do -is not an attack on the
country; it's about the greater process of selfexamination"(Guardian). India has canvassed much of its socio-economic progress to the world, but the
dark side of the story is unfolded laying bare all the
trappings of gimmick and falsity at the dawn of the
21st century in its actual socio-political...
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