India Pakistan Problem (India perspective)

Topics: Pakistan, Partition of India, Indian National Congress Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: December 18, 2013
Who are the culprits for the whole Indian-Pakistani Conflicts? -------- Numerous kills and massacres against Indians still took place constantly years after the ceasefire agreement at the border line, Indians as a whole country is suffered greatly from the beginning to the end. Early in the year of 2013, a series of armed border skirmishes are started by the Pakistan military along the Line of Control (LoC) in the disputed Kashmir Area. In the most recent incident, 5 soldiers from India’s army were killed and another wounded by the firing of Pakistani troops near the Indian-Pakistani border, regardless of the ceasefire that both country agreed to in 2003. Similar cases happen more and more constant, which deepen the contradiction and bring the relation on both side to an unusual low. What’s even worse is the denying attitude of Pakistan Defences towards the whole shooting incident over the past decade, and result the comment of Indian Military called the attack a “gross violation” against the ceasefire agreement. Nevertheless, as we trace back to the origin of the whole conflicts, we will see that how those provocative behaviours of Pakistan had both generated and significantly contributed into the conflicts in direct and indirect ways. Along the way, the involvement of Britain at the beginning of the conflicts also acted as a major trigger for the crisis. Peace and unity are what the entire human desired for, though, the Muslim League, the founder of Pakistan, didn’t hold the same opinion with the most people. Fearing that their privileged position might be threatened in a democratic India society with Hindu majority, the Muslim elite from the All-India Muslim League proposed a plan calling for a separate Islam homeland ---- Pakistan for all the Muslims in India. In order to support their perspective, they drew the inspiration from Muhammad Iqbal’s philosophy and poetry and created a new viewpoint called “two-nation theory” , saying that Muslim and Hindu have...
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