India of my dreams

Topics: India, Democracy, A Dream Pages: 3 (1317 words) Published: December 15, 2013
India has emerged from the very background of people living in southeast asia. It is a perfect blend of some of the largest religions in the world. Having held the position of the largest democracy in the world for over 65 years is a difficult task and we need to give credit to our great thinkers of the time. Today we cherish, we are happy, we play, we enjoy in India due to 2 reasons: 1) The struggles by our forefathers and 2) The power of democratic principles which hold us today. Our ancestors have given us this freedom from the clutches of the British, or else we would still be under a British rule! We always need to give credit to our freedom fighters, namely all the people of India in the independence period. The power of democracy was felt for the first time during partition, when there were riots, fights and no signs of peace. This is when our leaders decided to draft a democratic constitution and give equal rights to everyone. Today, we rarely find clashes, fights, instead embrace the idea of democracy. We also must not forget the strong religious principles that we have imbibed into ourselves that is helping us retain the humanity, which we need to survive. India must ideally be a superpower. I would love India to be the best country in the world and that too if we achieve it while I am living, then I would be extremely, extraordinarily happy. India has many resources to be tapped. If we do that optimally, then the time is not far away when we would be the country to be admired. I see a rapidly developing country with a healthy working force. I see a country which is one of the most beautifully endorsed with the jewels of nature- the forests, mountains, animals, rivers, and what not. I see a country that has a transformed youth with a transformed vision towards life. I quote what sir F. Max Müller has said, “ If I were to look over the whole world to find out the country most richly endowed with all the wealth, power and beauty nature can bestow- in some...
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