INDIA is the cradle of world’s oldest civilization

Topics: Taj Mahal, Delhi, Agra Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: June 24, 2013

INDIA is the cradle of world’s oldest civilization, a country name that is derived from Indus, a civilisation which was socially, economically, democratically advanced and sovereign. India is known for ancient culture and traditions. It is because , if we travel through every 200km we may find changes in peoples food habits,culture,language and is multi religious phenomenon not found in any of the world.we are known for our peaceful style of laugh carefully adjusting with our brothern following different religions and culture and setting fine example for “unity in diversity”. We have perfect functional democracy. India’s capital is new delhi.India is the only India has a population of 1.21 billion coexisting peacefully despite many religions and culture. India has States (28) and Union Territories(UT) represented by locally elected representatives(MLAs & MPs) elected by adult franchise headed by the Chief Ministers at State level and Prime Minister and President at the Centre. We have written contitution and we are soverign. India’s financial capital is mumbai. 2. india is our motherland. India is alsocalled as greenland. India stand 2nd as far population is concerned and stands at 7 as far as industrialisation is concerned. India has agarian economy and people mostly live in villages and towns. India is largest producer of banana, tea, cotton, and grains like wheat, rice, spices jowar and bajra and milk are also produced extensively. Yet, india has the distinction of not invading any country in the last100,000 years of history. during the periods the periods the mughals and britishers of our country was under the control of them under going supression. many kings and emperors like chatrapati shivaji fought with british to liberate the country from the clutches for gaining full fredom. Our social divisions was one of the main reasons for disunity. Untouchability,dowry and child marriages etc,were widely prevalent...
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