India has potential to lead the world

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Since times immemorial, India has firmly withstood its ancient glory! Who says we lost the Kohinoor to the Queen of England... our true Kohinoor lies in every Indian citizen worth his salt.,.Everything which was either discovered or invented in India was cleverly denied authenticity and downplayed by those who came to rule India, Then what have we lost.?.. it is only the perception of looking at things! We have been tormented for centuries for the simple reason that we practice patience, persistence and perseverance at its extreme. You hit on one face... the other turns over!  But our present educated youth have risen from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix and are determined to make India’s, legitimate dream of becoming a world leader true in the coming years

Respected chairman, members of the jury, my worthy opponents and friends .The topic before the house for discussion is INDIA HAS POTENTIAL TO LEAD THE WORLD and I wholeheartedly support the motion. India is now more than just being the flavor of the season. The historic Boston hotel, Ritz-Carlton, is all set ,to be acquired by the Taj Hotels. In 2009, seven Indian firms, were listed among the top 15 technology outsourcing companies in the world. Most of the AIDS drugs, are manufactured by Cipla,. The Dean of Harvard school is an Indian national .World no. 1 Steel baron, Lakshmi Mittal, holds an Indian passport. Meanwhile, jobs in US continue to be Bengalurooed by the bustling call centers of India).and the list goes endless. India is the world's largest vibrant democracy,with a free press, robust civil society, an innovative private sector and millions of citizens, whose talents have yet to be, fully realised. Economists predict that by 2020 India with its vast human and natural resources, and a huge knowledge base will be among the leading economies of the world. An estimated 60,000/-IITians are serving in the US alone. The very fact that recession did not have any impact on our economy shows that our fundamentals have the strength to lead not only SAARC economies but also the developed economies of the west. The IMF has appreciated the way we managed our economy during recession. Still doubting India’s resurgence?

Foreseeing India as potential rival On the fourth of June Barrack Obama proclaimed” India is a responsible and a rising global power. He said and I quote,"India is indispensable to the future that we seek – a future of security and prosperity for all nations." (Unquote).” Well then what are we lacking? Allow me to take you globe trotting and reflect .While you are at the beaches of Australia you will definitely chuck an empty coconut shell only in a garbage pail. When you are in Boston you will not use examination jockeys or buy fake certificates. While walking in the streets of America you dare not allow your dog to leave its affluent droppings on the pavement. But the same you, the moment u touch India; you become your old self. The irony is we can respect and confirm to a foreign system but cannot do the same in our country. We go to polls choose a govt and after that forfeit all responsibilities and sit back to be pampered,expecting the govt. to do everything.When it comes to social issues, we make loud drawing room protestations and continue the reverse at home ,our excuse “it is the whole system that has to change what can I do?”. Instead of making a positive contribution to the system we lock ourselves into a safe cocoon and wait for Mr.Clean to come and work miracles for us.We leave our country and bask in the glory of US ,when New York becomes insecure ,we run to England,when recession sets in ,we fly to Gulf and when Gulf is at war we demand to be rescued and brought home by Indian govt. Back home the vicious circle again begins.Each one of us is out to abuse and rape the country.Nobody thinks of feeding the system.So friends all we have to do is to change our perception of looking at...
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