India Education System

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Indian Education System- An Advantage or Disadvantage

India is a promised land of scholars and saints. There has been no dearth of knowledge in India since time immemorial. Indian civilization has been blessed with priceless knowledge of Vedas and Puranas. Coming all along with these Holy Scriptures, till the modern age of science and technology, India can be found nowhere legging behind. Nevertheless we need not deny the fact that, India still possesses some quarters where a bud of education is still to sprout. As India witnesses tremendous upheavals in Indian economy- a segment ascending, while another suffers heavy descend- Education system is also building similar pandemonium. Every year India produces thousands of brilliant assets from IITs, IISc, IIMs, AIMS, BITS and ISB, who glows in every sphere of modern world. Concurrently, India still owns people in large numbers who are debarred of the basic education. Hence, in spite of its triumph in major areas, Indian Education System is tainted wit a few blemishes.

At the dawn of Modern India, she has received privileged initiatives by scholars like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Dayanand Saraswati to spread education to many quarters of Indian population- big or small. British Government also took measures in spreading education among Indian masses by establishing various schools and colleges. No doubt, this was a part of their ruling policy but has been one of the promising act to which India will always comply with. The subjects like Arithmetic, Theology, Law, Astronomy, Metaphysics, ethics, Medical Science, Religion etc. were primarily incorporated in the syllabuses. After Independence state Governments held responsibility for education, whereupon in 1976, the state and the centre took joint responsibility through a constitutional amendment. The most importance turn in Indian Education Commission came with Kothary Commission of 1964, under the supervision of Dr. P.S. Kothary, the then Chairman of University Grants...
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