India-Bangladesh Water Disputes

Topics: Bangladesh, India, Water Pages: 4 (1340 words) Published: September 21, 2011
As we know in today’s scenario, water is a biggest resources .It is important for each and every living beings and the country. Without water there cannot be a life .A similar water disputes between India and Bangladesh has been discussed in this project. The reason why I have I have opted for this project is water is a precious resource and becoming scarce day by after reading this project one will be able to understand that how heavily a country is dependent on water ,and what happens when country does not get a proper share of water? What all impacts it put on a country in terms of irrigation (where a country is mainly dependent on agriculture), economy, individuals etc. This case is mainly based on the disputes between India and Bangladesh on sharing of Ganga water and the problem being faced by the Bangladesh due to the reduction in the share of water .One of the perennially important environmental issues is the scarcity and sharing of fresh water resources between India and Bangladesh. Large rivers such as Ganga ,Indus and Brahmaputra are born in the lofty heights of the Himalayan and are harnessed for hydroelectric power(currently at levels far below their maximum potential).Before flowing to the vast plains of the Deccan and on to either the Arabian sea to the west or the bay of Bengal to the east. The problem of water resources allocation and sharing ,primarily for irrigation purposes has made the relations bitter between India and Bangladesh and this has led to a true example of environmental security-where environmental issues are entwined with national issues ,i.e. environmental scarcity leads to a tensions between common resources.

The Ganga and Brahmaputra river basin in south Asia is the largest in the region, encompassing over 1.6 billion km .Flowing from the Himalaya in Nepal and Tibet, both rivers, course through India and ultimately join the Bangladesh where they discharge...
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