India-Bangladesh Relations

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IPCS Special Report

India-Bangladesh Relations


Issues, Problems and Recent Developments Piyali Dutta

Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Piyali Dutta was a Research Intern at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies. .

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PIYALI DUTTA Bangladesh,  shares  4094  kilometers  of  land border with India on three sides, the  fourth  side  being  open  to  the  Bay  of  Bengal.     Various  issues  need  to  be  resolved  if  the  relationship  between  the  two  are  to  be  improved,  from  sharing  the  water  of  54  international  rivers  that  flow  from  India  to  Bangladesh  to  controlling  terrorism  and promoting economic development.     I  TRADE    The  trade  relationship  has  had  a  detrimental  effect  on  bilateral  relationship.  The  geographical  proximity  of India to Bangladesh has made it one of  its biggest trading partners.     There  are  pressing  concerns  in  Bangladesh  regarding  the  large  bilateral  trade  deficit  with  India  and  the  large  volumes  of  informal  imports  from  India  across  the  land  border  which  avoid  Bangladeshi  import  duties.  Bangladesh’s  bilateral trade deficit with India has been  increasing  rapidly  on  average  at  about  9.5%  annually.  However,  the  deficit  narrowed ...
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