India's Food

Topics: India, Hinduism, Eating, Food, Islam, Cooking / Pages: 2 (387 words) / Published: Jan 20th, 2014
Every country has its own culture and specialties. As a part of India’s culture, food Indians invented was curry chicken. India’s food is different from other foods in other takes up an important amount of space in its history. India food is known around the world for its smell, and most importantly, its taste. One of the most popular foods that the countries. Some festivals in India are bountiful with food; the festivals in India could be represented by the food. For example, one festival can be about enjoying food only certain times of the day, and the other could be about starvation. Sweets are eaten during the festivals. It is an omen to give sweet treats to people who shows sympathy to a person. (well wisher) The dancing, bright colors, and music always bring joy to the festivals, but food is what lights up the whole scene. People in India eat accordingly to their religion and culture. Different areas could have different traditions. Each of these areas has their own unique cuisine. Thus, positioning India as the most cuisine diverse country in the world. ( Coleen Taylor Sen. 2004) The food of North India is not as spicy compared to the South. (Coleen Taylor Sen. 2004) India also was under a few influences by Hindu and Muslim traditions. The Hindu vegetarian tradition is widespread in India, although many Hindus eat meat now. (SAARC Tour) However, Muslim introduced their cooking ways to the Indians. The influences that both religions gave to India had been processed, and makes India what it is Sometimes Indians have some food or snacks often while others are forbidden for them to eat. They eat rice in almost every meal in their daily life. They use coconut oil for cooking and frying, and they pour another kind of oil, called ghee over their rice. Those who did not eat garlic and onion, were positioned above everyone else. (Pattanaik, Devdutt 2009) Since cow was a sacred animal, the Hindus were unable to eat

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