India's Future

Topics: Political corruption, Political philosophy, Aristotle Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: January 18, 2013
India's future is in the hands of we the youth.............the youth has the mighty power to change the politics into a family where people are united by the ties of brotherhood and common relationship instead of being divided by the ties of corruption and brutality.Indian politics is spoiling day by day as more and more corrupt politicians are being included in the system.Politics is slowly becoming a swamp in which people are slowly being drawn towards pessimicity.......though there is a fault of government in this situation but all the blame is not to be put upon the people sitting out there in the is the duty of each and everyone of us that we as responsible citizens actively co-ordinate the government by taking active part in politics.....if we want to change the world....we'll first have to change ourselves.Comin to the point now INdian Government allows every citizen to hit a trial in politics above the age of 18.So why not use the chance in an appropriate manner and make the best out of it.Why not the youth take an active part in politics rather than people who already have earned enough or corrupted the system enough.The conclusion can be said as that 'there is nothing good or bad in this world.....what we call suffocation in a train.....becomes an environment in a party.......what we call a swamp in imaginary terms isn't at all the same when we get to know the depth of it.......but no worries.....its never too late.......WAKE UP INDIA.......!! ITS TIME TO ANSWER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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