Indentured Servants

Topics: Indentured servant, Slavery, Indenture Pages: 3 (1145 words) Published: April 11, 2009
Indentured Servants
Throughout U.S. history the United States has encountered many stressful and life taking hardships, and all for what? For the world to continue growing, for each individual to feel safe and to be created equal. History is a word that we look upon and think of famous people who changed our way of living, who went beyond what they were capable of in order to be remembered. People like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Hancock, all these men did great things. Yet we still forget to remember those who went through terrible hardships in order to survive back in those days. I’m talking about indentured servants; these particular individuals lived lives we couldn’t even imagine. The hardships they went through are unforgettable, yet they are also relevant to our history.

To get a better glimpse into an indentured servant’s everyday life imagine you have a job that doesn’t pay you anything for your labor. A job that transports you to a multiple of places where all you can do is work, for no money, and food that is rotten, unbearable life styles, being packed densely while being transported across the ocean. On a ship where the water is black and warm food is served only three times a week, indentured servants were pretty much manipulated into thinking they would be taken care of. Labor was hard and living conditions were generally harsh for indentured servants. Many servants had difficulty adjusting to the climate and native diseases of southeast Virginia, and many servants did not live to receive their freedom. In the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, many colonists arrived as indentured servants who would serve a term of hardworking labor before receiving their freedom. Men, women, and sometimes children signed a contract with a "master" to serve a term of 4 to 7 years. In exchange for their service, indentured servants received their passage paid from England, and food, clothing and shelter once they arrived in the colony. When...
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